Film Making workshops and school incursions

It has never been a more exciting time to be a child with so much technology at their finger tips. They love to use video and animation both in the classroom and at home, creating their own short films and telling their own stories. At Rock Paper Video we are passionate about engaging students in film making and animation with our workshops and incursions, and supporting teachers with professional development and resources. We make it easy to use film making in the classroom and video technology across the curriculum, and turn screen time into a learning experience. .

Film Making and Animation Workshops

We love to inspire children to create their own videos and animations, giving them the skills to make their own short films, teaching professional techniques in an entertaining way that even beginners can use. This is the reason we exist, to put the power of film making in their hands.

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Integrate Video & Animation into your Classroom

Students are embracing video technology in and out of the classroom, creating and producing their own short films and animations. Film making is a great way to engage your students in the curriculum, present school projects and teach them concepts in new and novel ways, reinforcing classroom learning.

Incursions Aligned with the School Curriculum

We align our school incursions and film making resources with the Australian school curriculum to meet the needs of Primary and Secondary School students and teachers, and maximise the learning potential of film making, video and animation within the school context.

Upcoming Workshops

Animation After School Program Melbourne Cranbourne

Learn to make a clay animation. Join our great after school program for 10-14 year olds.

Clay Animation

Running at the Balla Balla Community Centre in Cranbourne on Monday evenings 4.30-5.30 from 1st May, this fun 6 week program teaches children the basics of clay animation, from designing and making their own characters and sets, storyboarding, adding sound and editing their final animation. Call (03) 5990 0900 (bookings) or 0406 336439 for more information.

Beginners welcome and encouraged!

School Holiday Video Workshop

Documentary Film Making Workshop for Ages 10-14

Documentary Film Making Workshop for Ages 10-14

Children can learn how to make their own video documentary in our great 4 hour school holiday workshop. They will learn how to plan and structure their documentary, learn about lighting and sound, edit the footage, add photos and put it all together. In this workshop we will work together to create a short documentary from start to finish.

10.00-2.30 Thursday 6th April at Eastern Innovation Business Centre, Mulgrave, Vic

No experience necessary, just enthusiam!

Places are limited to ensure everyone gets some hands-on fun.

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Real to Reel Documentary Workshop

Igniting students’ creative spark and engaging them in the curriculum using film making and animation

We are passionate about giving students the ability and confidence to make their own short films and animations, encouraging teamwork and reinforcing inter-disciplinary skills such as planning and organisation, as well as promoting creativity and critical thinking. We make it exciting and age appropriate.

We love to share our passion for the technology and techniques of film making and animation, and can help you to use video in your lessons and across the curriculum. We guide and support you with plans, tools, templates and ideas for incorporating film making into the classroom.

  • Our incursions entertain and inspire children and teach them solid video or animation techniques, while encouraging them to exercise transferrable skills such as planning, teamwork and organisation, and are aligned with the Australian school curriculum.
  • Our workshops during school holidays and after school teach children film making and animation skills in a fun and relaxed way. They are designed to give children techniques they can continue to use at home and allow them to express and extend their interests.
  • Professional development in a group setting at your school, or online courses and webinars, we deliver our training for teachers in the way that best suits you.
  • Downloadable film making and video resources are coming in early 2017, giving you professional tips and film making techniques. Our lesson plans can help with some extra inspiration if you are short on ideas on how to integrate film making or animation into your classes.
  • Five Minute Film Making is a series of YouTube tutorial videos for students, coming in 2017.

Film Making in the Classroom