We have set up Rock Paper Video to share our passion of video and animation, to inspire children and students to create their own movies and tell their stories, giving them access to film making knowledge and technology. Drawing on founder Lotti’s video and television background, we are engaging children in learning through these media. Children love technology and screen time, we love turning consumers into creators.

We engage students and support teachers to incorporate video, animation and film making into the classroom and integrate it into the curriculum, and through workshops during school holidays and after school.

We keep pace with the technology and techniques of film making and animation and use these in our incursions and professional development.

Our Story

Rock Paper Video is the project of a mother and son team. We initially created it to inspire and teach children to shoot video using professional tips and techniques to structure their videos and develop their interests. We noticed how captivated children are in technology and in creating their own short films and animations, both in and out of school, and we realised that this could be use to engage students in learning, especially for hands-on and visual learners.Video Workshops Kids

We also understand the needs of primary and secondary school teachers, who wish to integrate film making into their lessons and school projects to meet curriculum requirements for Media Arts, as well as integrating digital and video technologies into the wider school curriculum to engage different learning styles.

Our Vision

The seed of an idea germinated in 2015, and has since grown and developed alongside industry professional Lotti’s video production business. We officially launched Rock Paper Video in its own right in early 2017, after many hours of developing and refining the ideas, researching the needs of schools to honenour professional development and incursions. In collaboration with former teachers, we ensure that what we deliver meet the needs of teachers and students alike

Through professional development, workshops, online training and webinars we teach the language and technology of video and film, inspire and engage children in film making through incursions and bring you resources and lesson plans for use in the classroom.

Over the coming months we are building this website up to create a one stop hub to inspire, educate and empower children and teachers to use video in school and after school.

About Us

Mum Lotti is a former integration aide/education support officer with a background in broadcast television, and for the last three years has been running her own video production company.

learn film making from an industry professiona

Lotti has worked in broadcast television in the UK, on programs for the BBC and major network television channels, including on children’s programs, “My Parents are Aliens”, SM:TV and science show “The Big Bang”. She has worked on various TV programs including documentary, drama, music, entertainment, live talk shows, reality TV, music programs and feature film, at different stages of the production process from pre-production to post production and even broadcast, so has a broad range of skills and a wide overview of the whole video making process.

She loves drawing, roller skating, watching movies, photography and of course making videos.

Harry is 11 years old and has a passion for technology and creativity. He loves making his own short movies, YouTube videos and stop motion animations. He helps to ensure that our workshops are relevant and engaging for school age students, and assists with school holiday programs. He is ‘Sound Captain’ at his school, in charge of the sound and microphones for school assemblies. He enjoys drawing, Lego, Minecraft, karate, playing with his brother and his cats.

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