Benefits of Using Animation within the Classroom

These days, it’s not uncommon to walk into a classroom and see students in action with an iPad

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or similar device. Some people baulk at the idea of using ‘a screen’ to teach and feel as though using them is an ‘easy way out’, whereas others swear by what students can achieve with them. As a learning tool, these devices definitely have their place in terms of assisting students in a way that is relevant, inventive and engaging. And what’s more important than having your students actually feel excited about what they’re learning?

clay animationBy using such devices within an educational means, it opens the door to a whole new world of teaching capabilities and benefits within the classroom – for the students AND their teachers.

Animation is a technique than can lend itself to many possibilities with such a device. These are just a few!


Let’s face it, technology makes the world go round and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Why not embrace the opportunity to use it in ways that can assist, creativity, coordination and motor skills, technological awareness and even problem solving? If nurtured in a positive and constructive way through using a device in the classroom, these skills have the capacity to keep on assisting students as they continue throughout their education – and beyond.


We all learn differently and nowadays, one size does not fit all in terms of teaching strategies within the classroom. By incorporating technology, specifically animation, it encourages students to create and experience their ideas in a range of different forms. For students who find literacy (particularly spelling and writing) stressful, animation can enable them to focus on their thoughts and ideas rather than hold them back with the formalities of writing; the elements that usually would cause anxiety and stress. Instead, they can use the platform of animation as a visual and creative experience where they will still produce a finished product that they can feel very proud of.

Engagement – for everyone:

animation in school

Once familiar and comfortable with the process of using a device and animation programs within the classroom, teachers can also use this technique to uncover new possibilities within the curriculum. It has the capability of turning the way certain topics are taught completely around, enabling students to not only learn them in a more memorable manner, but to potentially enjoy it even more so.

paper cut out animation

Learning about photosynthesis can be made into a creative task by asking students to create an animation based on the different stages that form this process. Learning to count to 20 can be fun and engaging by using objects found in the classroom as an animation with younger students. Making a short animation complete with characters and setting before the writing process begins can encourage creative writing pieces. Possibilities are endless and with this comes an excited class and an even more passionate teacher who is engaged by what they’re teaching.

animation in the classroom