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How-To: Write a Movie Review

Children’s voices are under-represented when it comes to movie reviews. They see movies differently to adults, and parents and teachers may pick up different messages or see the film from a different perspective to general movie critics. Writing a movie review is a fun activity for children and can extend their enjoyment of a film….

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Adding Music and Sound to your Videos

A great soundtrack can really add to your movie or animation. Music can create feelings in the mind of your viewer, whether it is a feeling of tension or joy, it can help to create the emotions you wish to evoke. Sound effects can add an extra dimension to your video and help you to…

Filmmaking Techniques – Shot Selection – Wide Shot vs Close Up

When making your movies, you can use different shot sizes to tell your story. Here we will cover just two contrasting shot sizes, wide shots and close ups and their relationship to each other. You can choose to use these shot types creatively to elicit a particular feeling in the mind of your viewer.  …