We have set up Rock Paper Video to share the passion of film making, to engage students and support teachers in incorporating video, animation and film into their classroom and integrating it into the curriculum, through incursions, workshops and online resources.

Schools are increasingly using film making and video technology, from presenting school projects using an iPad, stop motion animations and slideshows, to secondary school film making electives and recording their students’ activities for communication with parents.

Industry professional and former education support officer Lotti brings the knowledge of film making to you and your students at all grade and year levels.

Rock Paper Video’s mission is two-fold, to inspire and educate students in the technology and techniques used in film making and empower teachers to use video equipment and the language of film in the teaching of their students.

Our vision is for every student and teacher to be able to confidently utilise video within their classroom, in their school projects and electives, to develop film literacy and use video making or animation to enhance and complement the curriculum. Video needn’t be expensive and productions needn’t be lavish. Everyone can use video with a little knowhow and imagination.

We have been running school holiday programs in Victoria, and developing workshops and resources since 2015, but we officially launch in 2017 with school incursions, online and face to face professional development training, downloadable resources, lesson plans and much more.

For more information, see Professional Development and Resources and Lesson Plans

To stay updated with all our offerings and to have a say in our incursions, programs and resources, please contact us or sign up for free. We’d love to hear from you!

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