Our film making resources are a treasure trove of information on film making skills, tips and techniques for students and teachers, and are due for release early 2017. Both student and teacher resources are age/stage appropriate and written for different grade levels from Grade 2 Primary to Year 12 Secondary Level, and cover the following subjects:

Script to Screen - film making for school students

  • Scripts, storyboards, shotlists and schedules
  • Character and story development
  • Props and set design
  • Location scouting

Shoot Video Like a Pro - film making for school students

  • Video technology
  • Manual controls, focus, exposure and white balance
  • Recording sound
  • Working with light
  • Composition, framing and camera angles
  • Camera movement and motivation
  • Pace and story
  • Continuity, jump cuts and 180 degree rule/crossing the line
  • Narrative and montage
  • Shoot to edit

The Cutting Room - film making for school students

  • Video Editing Techniques
  • Logging footage
  • Software and apps
  • Image, music and sound effects libraries
  • Sound editing and design
  • Syncing audio
  • Titles, banners and captions
  • Cutting to music and pace
  • Video hosting

Who's Who in Film - film making for school students

  • Crew and production roles
  • Role allocation
  • Working together on a production
  • Who’s who in film and TV

…and more

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