Professional Development in the Classroom

Professional Development for teachers CAN be exciting!

Technology in schools is booming. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s creative. It can also be daunting for teachers who are unfamiliar with the pace that changes occur, and who still need to appear as professional and ‘in the know’ with what’s happening. Schools are busy places at the best of times and so add in ‘another thing’ and you have teachers that become stressed, stuck and most of all, unwilling to change – it gets too hard.

Classrooms within themselves are mini communities that require nurturing. Along with their needs, come the needs of the school itself – meetings, curriculum, reflection, parents, day-to-day happenings, extra events… the list goes on.

Each year, the Victorian Institute of Teaching requires teachers to undertake a certain number of hours dedicated to professional development. Attending seminars, catching up on professional reading, taking on mentoring opportunities as well as signing up for relevant short courses or post-graduate study, are all forms of professional development. Each teacher has their own method of ensuring they obtain the opportunities to seek and attend professional development in order to assist their growth as a well-informed and accomplished educator. For teachers themselves, there is definitely one aspect of all professional development that most would agree on – it needs to be relevant and it needs to be engaging. Funny that, hey?

Professional development is a very important aspect for teachers. In order to be inspired in the classroom, there needs to be the chance for teachers to explore areas of the curriculum and current educational scope – especially in the learning areas that are less familiar and may cause some anxiety. Inspiration leads to learning – for both a teacher and a student. Teachers can’t make students learn but they can invite them to learn – students need to do the learning themselves.

Ensuring the offering of high-quality professional development, particularly in groups, leads the way to inspired empowered and confident teachers in the classroom. Where there are teachers who feel at ease with their role, there are excited students who are eager to learn.

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