We offer a variety of film making incursions and workshops aligned with the Australian Curriculum and catering for students from Year 3-12.

Students are very captivated by technology and love creating their own short films and animations, both in and out of school. At Rock Paper Video we recognise how film making and animation can be used to engage students in learning, especially for hands-on and visual learners.

We understand the needs of primary and secondary school teachers who would like to integrate film making into their lessons and school projects, to meet curriculum requirements for Media Arts, as well as integrating digital and video technologies into the wider school curriculum to engage different learning styles.

We offer various film making and animation incursions that encourage creativity and critical thinking. We can also custom design and tailor an incursion to meet your school’s needs, current topics and curriculum focus.

Children are consumers of video, movies and animations. Turn them into creators! Through our workshops, school incursions and resources we help children build confidence,  inspire creativity, and reinforce inter -disciplinary skills such as problem solving, planning and organisation.

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Our Incursions:

Primary School Animation Incursions

Primary School Film Making Incursions

Secondary School Film Making Incursions