Paper Cut Animation/Stop Motion Animation/Claymation

Children love animations and making their own has never been so accessible. Adapted from our great school holiday program, in these hands on and fun Stop Motion Animation incursions students use objects, claymation or traditional paper techniques for creating animations, photographing each movement a frame at a time, so when it is played back at full speed it looks like their characters are moving in real time. Students’ animations can be finished off by adding sound effects and music.Stop Motion Animation

Our stop motion animation incursions exercise students’ imaginations and creativity, and engage even those students who may be more reluctant learners, while they learn transferrable and interdisciplinary skills such as planning, organisation, teamwork, fine motor skills and creativity.

Students work in teams to plan out their animations, creating characters and settings out of paper or clay, planning which props to use, and writing their story. They will produce a simple script and storyboard, allocate roles and work together to film and bring their animations to life.

This incursion is suitable for Grades 3-6 and reflects the Australian Curriculum outcomes for Literacy in listening and speaking interactions, oral presentations, purpose and audience, and creating texts, while also meeting the criteria for the Media Arts and Visual Arts areas of the curriculum.

This incursion can be easily adapted to fit in with your current curriculum topics and use of a curriculum related topic could meet the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum in the areas of communications, and Number and Algebra, and Statistics and Probability, and can also be adapted to include knowledge and understanding, questioning, analysing, evaluating and reflecting.