What is Stop Motion Animation?

What is animation?

Wikipedia defines animation as the “process of making the illusion of motion… by means of the rapid display of a sequence of images that minimally differ from each other”.

So what does that actually mean?

In other words, when you show still pictures that have a small difference between them and play them fast enough, it appears that they are moving.

what is animation

Each of these birds are slightly different to each other. If these pictures are played fast one after the other, it appears the bird is flying, as below. Each of the pictures are shown for 0.1 of a second.

What is Stop Motion animation?

Stop motion animation is the use of an object in an animation (whether it is clay, lego, toys, household objects, paper or even people) to make it appear that is moving. A photograph is taken and the object is moved a small distance before the object is photographed again. An animated movie for film or television is usually between 24 and 30 frames or photos to make a second of video.

Stop motion animation Stop motion animation Stop motion animation

It is really easy to make your own animations, you can use a webcam or camera, or a device such as an iPad, tablet or smart phone. We use an app called “Stop Motion Studio” in our workshops, which is also used in many schools. It is very easy to use, has some great features to get good results with your animations and is free! It is available on IOS for iPad and iPhone and Android tablet and also available for Mac and PC. The animations below were made on Stop Motion Studio.


Animation in schools

Students find animation very enjoyable as it is a creative and hands-on activity, and provides an engaging learning opportunity for all learning styles. Animation enables students to learn and reinforce transferrable skills such as collaboration, communication, planning, editing and expression.